Single rides season 2023/24


Single rides

Cableway  Nr. Section Adults YouthChildChild in Family Unit*Senior
Kanzelbahn A Ascent- or descent 24,50 18,5013,0011,0023,00
Kanzelbahn A Ascent- and descent 28,0021,0015,5013,5026,00
Gipfelbahn B  Ascent 24,50 18,5013,0011,0023,00
Gipfelbahn B  Ascent- and descent 28,00 21,0015,5013,5026,00
Moserbahn E  Ascent 12,50 9,506,506,0011,50
Moserbahn E  Ascent- and descent 14,00 10,507,006,5012,50
Pöllingerbahn F  Ascent 12,50 9,506,506,0011,50
Pöllingerbahn F Ascent- and descent 14,0010,507,006,5012,50
Klösterle I oder II C or D Ascent 24,50 18,5013,0011,0023,00
Klösterle I und II C + D Ascent 28,00 21,0015,5013,5026,00


Combination tickets

CablewayNr.SectionAdults YouthChildChild in Family Unit*Senior 
Kanzelbahn + Gipfelbahn
A + B

Ascent- and descent
(To the summit and back)

Klösterle I + Klösterle IIC + DAscent- and descent32,0024,5017,5015,5030,00
Ascent- and descent +
Ascent- or descent
Moser- und Pöllingerbahn

E + F

Ascent- and descent +
Ascent- and descent



Ascent- and descent20,0015,0010,009,5018,00

*Family unit: child / children accompanied by at least 1 adult / senior / student

Age Limits:

  • Child: born 2009-2017
  • Youth: born 2005-2008
  • Student:  for students up to their 27th birthday (up to including birth year 1997) upon presentation of valid student ID (with photo).
  • Senior: born 1958 and before
  • Children up to 2018 and younger travel free when accompanied by their parents, provided that they are carried on their lap and do not use their own seat or lift bar.

Attention: Waiting times of up to 15 minutes are possible for the valley transport in case of heavy passenger traffic!


All prices in Euro. The general tariff regulations and the general terms and conditions of business and transport of Gerlitzen-Kanzelbahn-Touristik apply. Price changes and typographical errors reserved 
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