Terms of Service


Tariff regulations, extract from the general terms and conditions as well as extract from the general conditions of transport


1. Discounts:

1a. Reduction for children: for children born between 2007-2015. Proof must be provided with a valid photo ID. Children under the age of 6 up to the age of 2016, accompanied by their parents or one parent, have free travel, provided they are carried on their laps and do not use their own seat. Information and dispensing at the cash registers.
1b. Child in family unit: child / children accompanied by at least 1 adult / senior. In families with 3 or more children, the youngest child travels free. If the family consists of more than three children, every additional child from the third child also travels for free. The family price can only be granted if the tickets are purchased together and at the same time. Proof of age with valid photo ID required.
1c. Reduction for adolescence: for teenagers born between 2003-2006. Proof must be provided with a valid photo ID.
1d. Senior discounts: born 1956 and older. Proof must be provided with a valid photo ID.
1e. People with a disability: 60% or more receive the children's tariff according to the applicable tariff sheet with a valid ID. (Excluding points card, season tickets and paragliding cards).

2. Data carriers / travel tickets: Depending on the card type, journeys are issued on non-contact single-use tickets, barcode tickets or reusable "key cards". In the case of “key cards”, a deposit of 5 euros is charged in addition to the card tariff. When returning the undamaged "key card": 5 euros refund.

3. Reimbursement: Bad weather, unforeseen or early departure, business interruptions, weather-related and operational settings of individual systems do not give any entitlement to a price reduction, reimbursement or extension of the issued lift ticket.

4. Photo capture: Information in accordance with Section 24 DSG 2000 on "Photocompare" - by purchasing the ticket, the guest consents to personal photographic capture and storage at the ticket issuing offices and access points (turnstiles). This data is used for control purposes to avoid improper use of the card.

5. Bike: Biking is only permitted on the marked cycle routes (see gerlitzen.com or lake.bike). With the purchase of bike tickets, the guest acknowledges that Bergbahnen Gerlitzen Alpe does not operate any downhill routes/trails and therefore fully rejects any liability in the event of accidents or property damage caused by downhill skiing. Operators of downhill routes/trails: a) Downhill trail "PROlitzen Trail": Bikepark Gerlitzen GmbH, FN 502336 f b) Kids Bike Park Kanzelhöhe: Ski- und Snowboardschule Gerlitzen-Villach GmbH & Co.KG, FN 21450 w c) Gerlitzen Gipfelstraße: Bringungsgemeinschaft FAW Sauerwald d) Mautstraße Gerlitzen-Kanzelhöhe: Marktgemeinde Treffen

6. General provisions: Only valid lift tickets entitle you to use our facilities. By purchasing the lift ticket, the guest accepts our general terms and conditions. Redeemed lift tickets will not be taken back. There is no compensation for lost or forgotten lift tickets. Lift tickets are non-transferable and must be presented to the control staff within the control zones without being asked. The card is checked by means of a reader or visual check (depending on the system). Misuse is a criminal offense and results in the immediate withdrawal of the card, exclusion from transport, the collection of a fine and notification to the authorities. The orders and instructions of the cable car staff and the car park staff must be followed. Failure to comply with these instructions will result in the lift ticket being withdrawn and exclusion from transport.

7. General Terms and Conditions apply to all categories of the Kärnten Card and to other offers and services of the Interessengemeinschaft (Interest Group) Kärnten Card.

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