General tariff and business terms


The general tariff and business terms, price tables and the officially approved conditions of carriage according to the notice are part of the contract of carriage. By purchasing a ticket (all tickets and all types that Gerlitzen Kanzelbahn Touristik GmbH & Co.KG sells), the customer acknowledges the following provisions and undertakes to comply with them.


1. Discounts

1a. Children´s discounts: for children of birth years 2008-2016. Proof required with valid identification card. Children under 6 accompanied by their parent(s) ride free, if they ride on their parents’ lap and do not use an own seat or t-bar. All other children under 6 require a so-called "Bambini ticket".Information and issuing at the cash desks.

1b. Youth discounts: for children of birth years 2004-2007. Proof required with valid identification card.

1c. Student discounts: Only for day tickets for students up to their 28th birthday (up to including birth year 1996) upon presentation of valid student ID (with photo).

1d. Senior discount: birth year 1957 and older. Proof with valid photo ID.

1e. Disabled persons: as of 60% disablement you are charged the children's tariff according to valid tariff s in the day and multiple day ticket range upon presentation of a valid ID (excluding points card, this product cannot be combined with other promotions)

2. Flexipasses: are only valid in winter season 2022/23.

3. Extra day: is only valid directly following the 6-day ski pass.

4. Data carriers/Ski passes: are issued on touchless one-way tickets or reusable "Key Cards" depending on the ticket type. "Key Cards" are subject to a deposit of 5 Euros in addition to the ticket price. The 5 Euros is refunded if the "Key Card" is returned undamaged.

5. Family discount: In the family network (child/children accompanied by at least one adult/senior/student are qualified for getting the discounted tariff "child in family network".

6. Reimbursement: The ski pass can only be reimbursed after a sports accident or in the event of illness and only for the injured or sick person if the ski pass is immediately deposited at one of the cash desks. The reimbursement is made in cash, minus a processing fee of 5 euros. The days from the issuance of the ski pass to its deposit are considered days of use. If the deposit is made until 10 a.m., that day will not be charged. Medical reports must be provided with every reimbursement and are only accepted by a state hospital or a comparable medical facility. No replacement can be made for family members of the injured person. Special regulations for season tickets as posted at the cash desks. Bad weather, closures of some or all cable cars, power failure, risk of avalanches, unforeseen or premature departure, governmental closing, business interruptions, weather-related and operational-related settings of individual systems, closures of ski runs, limited slope quality due to fresh snow, technical snowmaking, foehn storm, rain, shuttle services etc. do not entitle you to a price reduction, reimbursement of the ski refund or extension. No reimbursement for day, half-day and hourly tickets.

7. Half days: can only be used on the first day.

8. Photocompair By purchasing a ticket, the guest agrees to have his/her picture taken and saved at the ticket offices and access points (turnstiles). This data is used for control purposes to avoid fraudulent usage of the tickets.

9. General conditions: Ticket sales for day and multiple day passes is possible after 3 p.m. on the previous day (use of the ticket the day after). Only valid ski passes and lift tickets and the slope tour ticket authorize the usage of our slopes and facilities. The guest agrees to our general business conditions and other regulations with the purchase of the ski pass, the lift ticket or the slope tour ticket. Ski passes for several days are only valid on consecutive days. Validated ski passes cannot be returned. No replacements are given for lost and forgotten ski tickets. Ski tickets cannot be transferred and must be presented to the control personnel without request within the control zones. The tickets are checked by reading or visual control (depending on the facility). Misuse is a criminal offense and has the consequence of immediate withdrawal of the ticket, the exclusion of transportation, the collection of a fee amounting to 56,00€ and the sum of a day value and a report to the authorities. The FIS rules are applicable throughout the entire ski area and must be followed. Instructions from the cableway and slope personnel, the slope ambulance, security personnel and parking lot personnel must be followed, non-adherence to these instructions and grave violations of the FIS rules are subject to the withdrawal of the ski pass and exclusion of transportation. Valid ski passes authorize the usage of the rail and lift facilities and the indicated slopes during the operating hours. The transportation rules and operating hours of the cableway and lift facilities and the slopes are posted in the stations and may be different in the individual facilities. After closing, skiing and walking on the slopes is prohibited and dangerous, as the slopes are being prepared and snow work may be underway. A limited variety of facilities and slopes may be expected in the off -peak seasons and in case of insufficient snow. Marked slopes: Poles, round signs and slope indication balls mark secured slopes. Slopes and ski routes that are not marked and not prepared are not called "slopes". Usage is at your own risk. Skiing on forest areas is a criminal offense according to forestry law. Violation causes withdrawal of the ticket. All ski tickets are activated for one ascent with the Kanzelbahn per day. If you intend to ascend more than once with the Kanzelbahn, please tell our lift or ticket office personnel in the Bergstation of the Kanzelbahn at the latest during the descent with the Kanzelbahn.

10.Piste walkers (general provisions and rules): Ski touring is prohibited on all slopes of the ski area, with the exception of the indicated edge of the slope on the left side of the Klösterle ski slope (for ski touring and only with valid slope touring ticket).The content of the contract concluded with us is the use of the parking lot, the ascent via the marked slope path to the Gerlitzen summit and the descent from there via slopes 8, 9 and 6 (also slope 21 ) to the valley station of the Klösterle railways. We expressly point out that the use of the forest path is not part of the contract concluded. ATTENTION: forest path does not lead to the summit! At the latest at the end of the forest path (approx. At “Huaba Hütte”) every tour hiker has to leave the forest and has to master the last part of the ascent route along the left edge of the slope to the summit. The piste walking rules according to the notice in the valley station area Klösterle and on must be observed and fulfilled.


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