Top Hiking Routes

I: Traumbogen Circuit

walking time approx. 1:30 hours

This high-altitude promenade surrounding the peak of Gerlitzen Alpe is a hiking route for the body and the mind. Along the path, you will encounter many artworks and art installations with Carinthia’s beautiful scenery in the background.


II: Kostale Path

walking time approx. 2:15 hours

From the Kanzelbahn mountain station via the Pöllinger Hut to the water adventure world by the Neugarten Almsee Hut and to the Summit House. In each hut there is a home cooked “Kostale” - a culinary sample of the Carinthian cuisine. From the first course to dessert. To get back to the valley station, take the chairlift and the Kanzelbahn cable car.


III: Seppl Hütte Circuit

walking time approx. 2:45 hours

Medium distance circular hiking trail from the Kanzelbahn mountain station to the Seppl Hut and back again. You start the tour heading from Kanzelbahn mountain station to the east, in the direction of Pöllingersiedlung towards the Seppl Hut where you can enjoy a delicious meal.


IV: Bergeralm Circuit

walking time approx. 1:30 hours

Starting from Gerlitzen peak, you walk a short distance heading east, then you branch off heading south, where you encounter the Salutation to Tibet, landscape acupuncture, the Noreia Himmelsleiter, the rock lakes and the rock chapel. From the Bergeralm, you hike back up towards Kanzelbahn mountain station. 

V: Kanzelhöhe Circuit

walking time approx. 1:00 hour

Starting at the Kanzelbahn mountain station, this hiking trail leads to the Kanzelhöhe along the asphalt road or if you prefer, also along the forest and meadow path. From there, a gravel path leads to the highest point. The trail continues along a paved road past the reservoir and back to the starting point.


VI: Gerlitzen Summit to the Kanzelbahn

walking time approx. 1:30 hours

Starting off at the Gerlitzen summit, this easy hike along meadows and easily manageable hiking trails takes you to the paragliding and model airplane take-off sites and to the Alpengasthof Pacheiner as well as to Pöllinger Hut. Then you descent to Sunn Alm, which is right next to Kanzelbahn mountain station (1.440 m above sea level). This hike is especially suitable for families with children and for beginners.


VII: 4 Huts Tour

walking time approx. 3:00 hours

From Kanzelbahn mountain station, you follow a family friendly route to Steinwender Hut. Then, forest paths will lead you to Schlossbaueralm and to Kammer Hut. The next stop is at the Pöllinger Hütte, where you can relax on the sun terrace with a beautiful panorama. Finally, you walk a short distance back to Kanzelbahn mountain station and Sunn Alm.

Challenging mountain climbs


walking time approx 3:15 hours, path no. 176

Demanding training trail Starting from the car park at the valley station of the Kanzelbahn, follow the main road in the direction of Villach, past the petrol station to the Sonnenweg junction. Follow this uphill to the first bend. From here, a meadow path branches off in the direction of Julienhöhe. Now it goes over the southern Hüttersteig to the Kanzelhöhe and from there to the mountain station of the Kanzelbahn. For the descent back into the valley, we recommend taking the Kanzelbahn cable car.

Bergsteig 1000

walking time approx 3:25 hours

The newly renovated mountain trail number 34 starts directly at the valley station of the Kanzelbahn. The demanding climb winds its way up the mountain under the Kanzelbahn in the direction of the Kanzelhöhe. On the way up you can overcome just under 1000 meters in altitude and can always catch glimpses of the new PROlitzen bike trail. From the Kanzelhöhe it goes downhill to the mountain station of the Kanzelbahn. For the descent back into the valley, we recommend the knee-friendly gondola ride.

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