Winter Kärnten Card


Experience winter in all its facets in Carinthia - this is possible with the Winter Kärnten Card. Take advantage of the attractive offers of the Winter Kärnten Card with numerous excursion destinations this winter. Whether it's snowshoe hiking or a ski tour on the Gerlitzen Alpe, with the Kärnten Card both activities are free once a day and you can go straight through the turnstile without having to go to the cash desk first.

Our offer:

  • Winter hiking: 1 free ascent and descent ride without alpine ski, touring ski and snowboard per day, 4 sections with Kanzelbahn and Gipfelbahn, directly through the turnstile
  • Ski touring in Klösterle: 1 free admission to the slope tour ticket per day, directly through the turnstile


How do I get my Winter Kärnten Card?

You can top up your EXISTING Kärnten Card with the winter package at our ticket offices in Annenheim, Klösterle and at the Kanzelhöhe middle station. ATTENTION: We are not a sales point!
If you do not yet have a Kärnten Card (data carrier), you must purchase it at one of the sales points.


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