Skicards for beginners 2022/23

For beginners and recreational skiers, we offer special tickets to guarantee quick learning success and to get started with this beautiful sport in a cost-saving manner.


Point cards

240-points-card€ 107,00€ 53,00
120-points-card*€ 55,00€ 28,00


*Attention ascent and descent with the Kanzelbahn deduction of a total of 40 points. Here you will find the required points per lift


Day-Ticket childrens area Klösterle 

  Tarif Price
1-day-ticket   € 10,00
3 hour ticket€   8,00

The tickets entitles the use of the facilities in the childrens area Klösterle during the respective operating hours.

The facilities are:

- Practice lift Klösterle A

- Practice lift Klösterle B

- Magic carpet Klösterle C

One price applies for all categories. All users must purchase a valid ticket.


3-hours Family Trial Card 

The card is valid for the following lifts:


  • 4er- Klösterlebahn I - lower section
  • Beginner lift Klösterle A,B and C
  • Childrens land-Klösterle with 2 magic carpets


  • Kanzelbahn
  • Kanzelbahn Galaxy Express
  • Moserbahn
  • Pöllingerbahn
  • Sonnenlift
1 Adult + 1 Child € 37,00
1 Adult + 2 Child€ 50,00
2 Adults  +  1 Child € 61,00
2 Adults  +  2 Childs€ 74,00


age limit children: 2008-2016 

Children born in 2017 (6 years) and younger travel free when accompanied by their parents, provided they are carried on their laps and do not require their own seat or lift bar. The adult needs a valid ticket for the respective lifts.

In the ski course and when using the lifts unaccompanied (e.g. Kinderland in Klösterle), children born in 2017 and younger also need a valid ski pass (Bambini card).



The general tariff regulations and the general terms and conditions of business and transport of Gerlitzen-Kanzelbahn-Touristik apply. Price changes and typographical errors reserved 

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