Practice Area Ochsengarten

The practice center for the first contact with snow

Saison ended 


At the Ochsengarten practice center, the little ski stars of tomorrow will learn what it means to stand on two skis in a completely informal and playful way. The practice area is located directly in the municipality of Paternion, equipped with a moving carpet, practice slopes and a toboggan run.

At the Gerlitzen ski and snowboard school with its branch in Paternion, well-trained ski instructors are waiting for young ski beginners. In addition, the Gerlitzen Bino Bear supports the little ones in their beginnings. During the Christmas holidays and later during the semester breaks, the ski and snowboard school offers beginners and advanced courses for children from around 4 years old. 




  • Location: 9711 Paternion, Waldweg
  • 160 m long magic carpet ideal for skiers of all skill levels
  • Safety for beginners thanks to the delimited terrain
  • Snow guaranteed thanks to modern snowmaking technology
  • 160 m long bobsleigh track (depending on snow conditions)
  • Ideal for ski days in primary schools and kindergartens



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