Little skiers very tall


The first snow contact and winter fun on the Gerlitzen Alpe


On the Gerlitzen Alpe, the little ski stars of tomorrow learn in a completely informal and playful way what it means to stand on two skis. There are three large, optimal practice areas and also the ski school with attached ski rental and child care, as well as three great children's and snow bear countries for the little ones, which are directly connected to each practice area.

There the popular mascot, the Gerlitzen-Bino-Bear, supports the little ones with their beginnings. Every day during the winter season, the Gerlitzen Bino-Bear comes to the children's and snow bear country, plays and dances with them. Every Friday during the winter season, the little ones can put their skills to the test in the big ski and snowboard race on the Moserhang at the middle station / Kanzelhöhe. With timekeeping and award ceremony.



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