Gerlitzen Alpe for Beginners


Have you not been skiing for a long time or do you want to learn this great winter sport?


In the Gerlitzen Alpe ski center you will find the ideal conditions, because the Gerlitzen Alpe is the only certified ski area in Carinthia for beginners and returnees.

Starting with the convenient and comfortable ascent aids and the perfectly groomed, wide slopes to the friendly support from the ski school and the ski rental, the Gerlitzen has everything a great ski area needs to receive the certificate or the "welcome beginners" award.

This certificate is a uniform award throughout Austria. It guarantees the highest quality and performance standards in all areas relevant for beginners and returners to skiing and snowboarding.

Within the "Welcome Beginners" ski areas, Gerlitzen Alpe has positioned itself as a "family entry-level ski area".


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