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Gerlitzen hiking suggestions

You can find all the tour descriptions and map material here.

TOUR I: Gerlitzen Panoramic Circuit • Hiking time approx. 1⁄2 hour

From the Gerlitzen-Gipfelhaus, you pass the highest and southernmost observatory in Austria on the way to the “Stone Tower“, a remnant of the Second World War. This is also where the “Internet Photopoint“ is located. The return route leads you past Alpengasthof Pacheiner, an alpine guesthouse and the point of departure for model aircraft.

TOUR II: Gerlitzen summit – Mountain & alpine museum – Sonnenalm/ Mittelstation • Hiking time approx. 1 hour

Starting from the summit of the Gerlitzen, you head out past where paragliders and model aircraft take off , crossing meadows and taking easy trails to the Pöllingerhütte and the alpine museum. You then continue downhill to the Sonnenalm at the Mittelstation (1,440 m). This hike is perfectly suited for families with children and beginners.

TOUR III: Gerlitzen summit – Stifterboden – Steinwenderhütte – Kammerhütte – Turnerhütte – Sonnenalm/Mittelstation Hiking time via the Kammerhütte and Turnerhütte approx. 1 hour Hiking time via the Steinwenderhütte approx. 2 hours

From the Bergstation of the Gerlitzen-Gipfelbahn (1,911 m above sea level), you head out along an easy hiking trail to Stifterboden. Here you have a choice: you can either take the slightly longer route via the Steinwenderhütte, or take a shortcut to the Kammerhütte. The return route back to the Sonnenalm/Mittelstation (1,440 m) leads past the Turnerhütte. This is a family-friendly hike with numerous refreshment stops and resting places along the well-secured forest hiking trails.

TOUR IV: Gerlitzen summit – Neugarten Almseehütte – Stifterboden – Sonnenalm/ Mittelstation • Hiking time approx. 1 1⁄2 hours

From the Bergstation of the Gerlitzen-Gipfelbahn (1,911 m), you head out over lush meadows and well-maintained hiking trails to the Neugarten- Almseehütte at a height of 1,700 m above sea level. You head back to the Sonnenalm/Mittelstation (1,440 m) via Stifterboden.

TOUR V: Gerlitzen Gipfel – Feuerberg – Sepplhütte – Schönfeldsiedlung – Sunn Alm/Mittelstation Hiking time via the Schönfeldsiedlung approx. 1 1⁄4 hours Hiking time via the Sepplhütte approx. 1 3⁄4 hours

Starting from the Gerlitzen-Gipfelbahn at an altitude of 1,911 m, you head eastwards towards the Feuerberg (1,760 m). From there, you embark on an easy forest hiking trail back to the Sonnenalm/Mittelstation via the Schönfeldsiedlung at an altitude of 1,440 m. TIP: The hiking route can be extended to the Sepplhütte if you are in the mood for a leisurely break.

TIP: The hiking route can be extended to the Sepplhütte if you are in the mood for a leisurely break

TOUR VI: “Kostale“ hike • Hiking time approx. 3.5 hours (a “Kostale“ means “appetizing dish“ in the Carinthian dialect)

The “Kostale Path“ starts at the Gerlitzen Mittelstation. From there, you take a 25 to 30-minute leisurely uphill trail to the fi rst “Kostale“ station – the Pöllinger Hütte. You can expect delicious Carinthian “Kasnudeln“ (giant pockets of pasta fi lled with cheese), perfect to gather your strength for the next 45 to 60-minute stage on the way to the Neugarten-Almseehütte. There, you will be served the “Kostale“ main dish, alpine ox steak. The third stage (approx. 45 min.) on the Gerlitzen summit goes by quite quickly in anticipation of the strudel specialities at the Gipfelhaus. The “Kostale“ gourmet hikers usually take the Gipfelbahn to return to the Mittelstation.

Barrier-free for prams (large wheels)

Hiking time approx. 50 minutes • Altitude diff erence 65 m Starting from the Mittelstation, you head south up the mountain to the restaurant called Gasthaus Edelweiß and continue to the “Kanzel“ (vantage point). The return leads you past the “Old Mountain Station“ on a wide forest path with information boards about the fl ora and fauna. After passing the start of the Pistenfl itzer and the Adventure Park, you continue downhill to the Mittelstation.

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