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Where do I have to wear mouth-nose protection?

- FFP2 mouth and nose protection (Kanzelbahn, Gipfelbahn & Wörthersee 6-er Family Jet): From the age of 15, wearing an MNS of quality class FFP2 is mandatory in the area of the Kanzelbahn, in the Kanzelbahn, the Gipfelbahn and when traveling on the Wörthersee 6- The Family Jet. Corresponding information boards are attached in these areas.

- MNS: It is compulsory to wear mouth and nose protection (hose scarf or commercially available MNS) in all other areas. An MNS (also for children from 6 years) must be worn in the following areas in particular:

during the lift ride (except for the Kanzelbahn and Wörthersee 6-seater Family Jet - here please FFP 2 mask)

  • at the cash registers
  • in the leaning area
  • in the toilet facilities

Pulled up t-shirts and jackets do not serve the purpose of mouth and nose covering and are therefore not accepted.


Where can I get mouth-nose protection in the ski resort?

The FFP2 mouth and nose protection can be purchased at our cash desk for a cost of 2 €.


Do I have to wear mouth-nose protection on the slopes?

Mouth and nose protection is not mandatory on the slopes.


Is the cable car ventilated?

All the cabins are ventilated as well as possible during the ride.


Are the cabins and lifts disinfected?

All mountain railways are regularly disinfected.


Where can I find disinfection facilities in the ski resort?

Disinfectant dispensers are available in the checkout area, in the lift buildings and in the toilet facilities.


How will I be informed about the corona safety regulations on site?

The guests are informed of the applicable Corona safety regulations by means of signs and by our on-site employee.


What corona measures apply to cable car facilities in general?

All cable cars are public transport and are subject to the same regulations


Are the employees trained about the corona measures?

The employees are trained or instructed according to uniform guidelines and regulations about the Corona security measures.


What measures must the cable car employees who are in direct customer contact comply with?

Those employees who are in direct customer contact either wear mouth and nose protection or are separated from the guest by suitable protective measures (e.g. Plexiglass panes).


Can I avoid queuing, save time and buy my ski ticket online?

Yes, day and multi-day ski passes can be bought in our webshop.


What do I do if I feel sick?

In any case, if you, fellow travelers or children feel sick, please stay in your room, do not go skiing, do not appear in restaurants or for snow sports lessons. Immediately inform your accommodation provider of your symptoms.

If you, fellow travelers or children suffer from corona symptoms (fever, dry cough, body aches, sore throat, shortness of breath or loss of the sense of taste or smell) please call the health hotline 1450 in order to be able to clarify the symptoms further.


Will the costs for season tickets be reimbursed in the event of a corona-related lockdown?

For Gerlitzen Alpe season tickets, in the event that all cable cars are closed again by the authorities, a time/usage-dependent aliquot refund of the purchase price is provided. If returned by January 14, 2021, half (50%) of the purchase price will be refunded, and if returned by February 14, 2021, a third (33.3%) of the purchase price will be refunded. After that, no more replacements are possible.

Attention: Regardless of the time component, NO reimbursement can be granted from 15 days of use.


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