What measures are taken in the catering huts to protect the guests?

Mouth and nose protection is mandatory indoors for both employees and guests. No mouth and nose protection is required at the tables themselves. In all huts and restaurants, the legally prescribed table spacing is observed. Max. 10 people sit per table. Consumption indoors is only allowed at the seat.


Do employees have to wear mouth and nose protection?

Yes, it is mandatory for employees to wear mouth and nose protection.


Is self-service possible in the huts?

Where there are self-service areas, it is ensured that food and beverages are not consumed in the vicinity of the issuing point. Consumption indoors is only allowed at the seat. Self-service is permitted provided that the risk of infection can be minimized through appropriate hygienic measures.


What do I have to pay attention to when I am entering the ski hut or leaving the table?

When entering the ski hut to the table and also when leaving the table, the minimum distance of one meter from all other people who do not live in the same household or belong to the visitor group must be observed.


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