Covid-19 regulations


Winter sports will take place under special safety measures in the 2021/22 season. The 2G rule (vaccinated or recovered) and FFP2 mask requirement apply.


Online Safe2Ski check-in

To start your skiing fun straight away and without waiting, you can conveniently link your 2-G certificate with your ski ticket from home:

What is needed:

  • QR code of your valid 2-G certificate in printed form or alternatively as a photo on a second device
  • Valid ski ticket: 23-digit data carrier number on the back of the key card
  • The easiest way to solve this process is to call up the following link on your smartphone. At the end of the check-in process, you can take a picture of your valid QR code directly using the camera of your smartphone.
  • Please have a printout of the QR code of your 2-G certificate or, alternatively, a photo of this QR code on a second device ready, which you can then photograph.

COVID-19 Measures Ordinance of November 22, 2021

2G proof when using lift facilities

In order to use the cable cars and lifts, we are obliged to check a valid 2G certificate (vaccinated or recovered) for all guests over the age of 12. This means that only people may be transported who can prove the requirements of § 1 Paragraph 1 Z 1 (vaccinated) and 2 (recovered).

FFP2 Mask requirement for ski guests

From November 22nd, a general FFP2 mask is again mandatory in closed and covered vehicles and in closed areas of cable cars. There is no mask requirement up to the age of 6. Close-fitting mouth and nose protection is sufficient up to the age of 14.

Regulations for children and adolescents

Children up to the age of 12 are exempt from the obligation to submit evidence of a low epidemiological risk (no 2G or 3G evidence required).

For children and adolescents between 13 and 15 years of age (school age), the Corona test pass (Ninja Pass) replaces the 2G proof. For children and adolescents from 12 years up to the completion of the 9th grade (compulsory schooling), the Ninja Pass is still valid as proof of a low epidemiological risk. During these weeks the Ninja Pass is also valid on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. NEW: In the weeks off school, a valid PCR test can replace the 2-G detection!

Exceptions and further information

Due to a transitional provision, the obligation to provide proof of 2G does not apply to guests who present proof of an initial vaccination with a centrally approved vaccine against COVID-19 and proof of a negative PCR test, which must not have been accepted more than 72 hours ago.

People who need the cable car to reach their place of residence or work, to ensure basic services, etc. are still exempt from the 2G obligation. In these cases, you are still required to wear an FFP2 mask.


2G controls in the ski area


The ski pass may only be activated for the period of validity of the respective proof. The verification of the 2G proof or the activation of the ticket can be done as follows:

  • Online check-in: In Safe2Ski check-in, you can simply link your ticket to your 2G proof before you arrive. Requirement: Internet + ticket + digital 2G proof
  • Greenpass checks: Greenpass checks are available directly at our valley stations. Here our employees can quickly and easily link your ticket with your 2G proof. Requirement: ticket + digital 2G proof
  • Ticket machines: You can pick up your ticket conveniently and easily at our ticket machine. Here, printed tickets as well as existing season tickets can be linked directly to your 2G proof. Requirement: ticket + digital 2G proof
  • Ticket sales points (hotels, tour operators ...): When tickets are issued at ticket sales points, the 2G proof is checked directly at the ticket sales point. Requirement: 2G proof
  • Cash desks: Your ticket can also be activated when you purchase it at our ski pass cash desks. Requirement: 2G proof

Please have your 2G certificate ready for possible controls for the duration of your stay in the ski area at any time.

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