Group Rates 2020/21



  category   duration   from 20 people
  adult  1 day € 42,00
  youth  1 day € 31,50
  senior/student  1 day € 38,00
  child  1 day € 21,00
  adult  1/2 day € 37,00
  youth  1/2 day € 28,00
  senior/student  1/2 day € 33,50
 child  1/2 day € 18,50



We grant one free ticket for every 19 tickets purchased! Bus drivers from 30 people receive on presentation of the Vehicle papers a catering voucher or a free ticket (photo obligation!) NEW: The ski passes will be issued on one-way keycards (card insertion not necessary!) - no additional deposit fee - no return at the end of the ski day necessary!


Age limits:

Child: born 2006-2014

Youth: Born 2002-2005

Seniors: Born 1955 and older


Attention: single issue to each group

Payment: cash on card collection


With "day and half-day tickets", cards are issued on non-contact one-way "key cards" - NO DEPOSIT



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