Gerlitzen Alpe 


360° star-shaped ski tour without taking your skis off, with 36 kilometres of slopes and over 5,300 metres of altitude change.


The best way to explore the Gerlitzen Alpe is to complete the Stella Ronda. This is a starshaped ski route that covers a large part of the ski resort.


Nr.NameLenghtLevel of difficulty
1Gipfelabfahrt3.300 measy
1aPanoramaabfahrt3.100 mdifficult
2Sonnearenaabfahrt1.600 mmedium
3Pacheinerabfahrt1.600 mdifficult
4Pacheiner Familienabfahrt1.800 measy
5Neugartenabfahrt2.100 measy
6Klösterle West Abfahrt3.500 mmedium
7Neugarten Hobbyrennstrecke1.500 mmedium
8Klösterleabfahrt II3.000 mmedium
9Klösterleabfahrt  I3.000 mmedium
10aWörthersee Familienabfahrt1.700 measy
10bFeuerbergabfahrt1.500 mmedium
11Birkenhofabfahrt1.500 mmedium
19Wörtherseeabfahrt1.000 mmedium
21Kanonenrohrabfahrt1.800 mmedium
24Neugarten Speed Abfahrt1.800 mmedium
25Ossiacher See Abfahrt1.000 mmedium

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