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Stella Ronda Snowchallenge 2019, the time approximation competition for the whole family!

The longest ski competition in the Alps... Stella Ronda - a star-shaped ski circuit around the Gerlitzen with a total of 38 kilometres of pistes - that welcomes every participant of the Challenge. 

Main prize: Citroen C3 PT68 LIVE  by Auto Pammer Klagenfurt!

Daily until 24.03.2019!

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The Citroen C3 PT68 LIVE is already waiting for its new owner!




Join in and win!

For the evaluation of the Stella Ronda, it is important that you complete the exact lap, beginning and ending with the summit cable car. It does not matter which descents you have completed before or after the Stella Ronda. In other words, you can decide to ski the Stella Ronda in the middle of your skiing day and then continue your day individually. The registration takes place via Skiline and is possible at any time, even after the round or even after the skiing holiday, only the number of the ski card is important!

Special price for the "most industrious" with the most laps in the season:



A "well-known " person

the ski round will take place and the required time will be sealed. At the end of the season this time will be published! Whoever gets closest to this time wins the "Citroën C3". The runner-up may then be the first to choose a prize from a prize pool, the third runner-up the runner-up, etc.. ...  Of course it is possible to participate several times in the Stella Ronda Challenge. The more lap times you secure, the higher your chance of winning! 

Winner of the Snowchallenge 2018 will receive the Citroen C3 at Autohaus Pammer!

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