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Gerlitzen Photopoint

In memory of! Because you like to remember a great day on the mountain, you can have a photo shot of yourself and your friends at the Panorama Photo Point. Your snapshot can not only be admired, but also downloaded and sent.
That's how it works:

  1. Click on the right below the currently displayed photo in the middle on "Archive".
  2. In the calendar on the right, select the day you took the photo.
    Are you looking for a photo from an already past year? No problem, just click with the left arrow in the calendar next to the current year in the past.
  3. On the left side all photos taken on this day will appear. Once you have found your snapshot, select it and send it with "Send E-Card".
  4. Now enter the contact details of the person who should receive your "Gerlitzen Greeting" and end the whole process with "Send E-Card".

So easy.... !


Current photopoint recording

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