Corona safety measures winter 2020/21



A relaxed mountain experience


From the current perspective, nothing stands in the way of an unrestricted winter season. An unforgettable time on the mountain - that is the wish of all our guests. We take all the necessary measures so that you can spend your vacation days carefree in our ski area. A responsible approach The safety of our guests and employees is very important to us. In times like these, dealing responsibly with one another is essential. This includes compliance with officially ordered safety precautions as well as the independent action of each individual. Everyone is asked to make their contribution to compliance and implementation of the applicable regulations.


A healthy winter season


The Gerlitzen Alpe has six entry points into the ski area with corresponding parking areas.

"Open Air" cable cars and lifts:

  • Klösterle Bahnen valley station P 6 a, b, c, 1,000 parking spaces, GPS: Innerteuchen 53, 9543 ArriachKanzelhöhe P 5, 300 parking spaces, GPS: Kanzelhöhe, 9521 Treffen am Ossiachersee / Mautstraße
  • Birkenhoflift valley station P 7, 100 parking spaces, GPS: Gerlitzenstraße 32, 9551 Bodensdorf / Mautstraße
  • Wörthersee 6er- Family Jet P 8, 600 parking spaces, GPS: Gerlitzenstraße 87, 9551 Bodensdorf / Mautstraße
  • Neugarten 8er- Jet P9, 100 parking spaces, GPS: Neugarten 1, 9543 Arriach

Gondola lift:

  • Kanzelbahn Annenheim P 1-3, 600 parking spaces, GPS: Kanzelplatz 2, 9520 Annenheim
  • Shuttle car park Annenheim P 4, 1,000 parking spaces Navi: Kanzelplatz 2, 9520 Annenheim / note the traffic control system!

Our 20 cable cars and lifts are mainly divided into chairlifts and drag lifts, so the fresh mountain air is a constant companion. With our online ticket shop you can avoid queuing at the cash desks.

The "Sunn Alm" on the Kanzelhöhe, the "Edelweiß Hütte" at the Klösterle valley station, the "Seppl Hütte" at the Birkenhoflift valley station and the "Kanzelstubn" at the Kanzelbahn valley station have "To-Go" delicacies open for you.


What we do for you


- Signposts & information points on the code of conduct throughout the ski area.

- Sale of FFP2 masks and MNS tube scarves: If you don't have the right mouth and nose protection with you, you can purchase one at our cash at the cost of 2€.

- Organization of waiting areas: In the waiting area, the minimum distance of one meter to other ski guests must be observed on all sides. So that this works better, guidance systems are set up in front of the turnstiles, which make it easier for you to comply with this.

- The “Fast Lane” for individual skiers at the chairlifts remains closed so that only those people who are wanted can ride with you on the lift. Our employees at the cable cars see themselves as service providers and are happy to help you answer questions about compliance with the safety measures, so that you can always move around the ski area with a good feeling. 

- Reduction of the maximum transport capacity in all CLOSED cable cars to 50% (Kanzelbahn, Wörthersee 6-seater Family Jet):

- In order to maintain the minimum distance, the available seats on the cable cars listed above may only be half occupied. The exception is of course the family group or people from a common household

- Hygiene: We have installed hand disinfection facilities in the indoor area of ​​our cable cars and the toilet facilities. The countless toilet facilities in the respective station buildings of the cable cars in the area are also checked, cleaned and disinfected several times a day. A list with the cleaning times hangs on all entrance doors of the toilet facilities.

- Ventilation of the gondolas: A window in the doors of the Kanzelbahn is always open to ensure continuous ventilation. In addition, the Kanzelbahn also has ventilation inlets in the floor area.

- Disinfection measures by means of cold fogging: We disinfect all cable car, sanitary and toilet facilities, first aid rooms and staff lounge rooms on a daily basis. In addition, cold fogging devices were purchased with which the cabins of the Kanzelbahn are disinfected several times a day. These devices meet the highest standards, which are used in operating theaters, for example.

- Our employees with guest contact are instructed to wear an MNS and gloves.

- COVID tests: As a transport company with public transport, the legislation requires a responsible railway doctor. He carries out the necessary COVID tests for our employees, who work in isolated teams.


What you can do for a safe skiing experience


- Wear FFP 2 mouth and nose protection (Kanzelbahn, Wörthersee 6-er Family Jet): From the age of 15, wearing an MNS of quality class FFP2 is permitted in the area where the Kanzelbahn, in the Kanzelbahn and when traveling on the Wörthersee 6- The Family Jet is compulsory. Corresponding information boards are attached in these areas.

- MNS: It is compulsory to wear mouth and nose protection (hose scarf or commercially available MNS) in all other areas. An MNS (also for children from 6 years) must be worn in the following areas in particular:

during the lift ride (except for the Kanzelbahn and Wörthersee 6-seater Family Jet - here please FFP 2 mask)

  • at the cash registers
  • in the leaning area
  • in the toilet facilities

- Keep your distance: Keep a sufficient distance from people who do not live in the same household. If possible, the minimum distance must also be observed in the cable car cabins.

- Ventilate the cabins: If necessary, open the window sash while driving to ensure that the gondola lift is ventilated.

- Pay attention to hand hygiene: Observe general hygiene rules and wash your hands regularly. Disinfection facilities are available in the indoor areas of the cable cars and toilet facilities.

- Dispose of used protective masks: Do not throw away protective masks and handkerchiefs, dispose of them properly. Sufficient waste bins are available in the cable car stations.

- Follow instructions: Follow the instructions and behavioral recommendations - especially with regard to hygiene regulations - from our employees.

- Buy online tickets and pay cashless: Please use our online shop and / or the self-service ticket machines to purchase your tickets! We ask you to pay cashless at the cash desk.

- Only healthy on the slopes: If you feel sick or have symptoms that could indicate a possible COVID-19 infection (fever, cough, sore throat, etc.), please do not go skiing. As holiday guests, please inform the reception of your accommodation provider immediately.

- And most importantly: show personal responsibility and thereby protect your own health and the health of others.


Ticket purchase


No reservation necessary for your day of skiing

7 cash desks and 4 ticket machines are in operation for you every day. Since all cash desks, lifts and slopes are open on the Gerlitzen Alpe, no online reservation is necessary for your day of skiing. Our dedicated cashier is at your side with advice and action when purchasing tickets and all other questions.

There are a total of 4 self-service ticket machines on the Gerlitzen Alpe from the 2020/21 winter season. You can find them at:

  • Klösterle valley station, 4-person lifts
  • Kanzelbahn valley station
  • Valley station Wörthersee 6-seater Family Jet
  • Kanzelhöhe - Gerlitzen Gipfelbahn valley station

Tickets can be bought and paid for there regardless of time and contactless.


Ski passes directly at the reception

Many accommodation providers on the Gerlitzen Alpe and in the region offer you the opportunity to purchase ski tickets or "pick-up vouchers" directly at reception. This saves you queuing at the cash register and you can start skiing straight away. Please ask the respective company when booking.


All information is constantly updated. The current legal COVID-19 regulations always apply as a basis. You can find it here. All information is subject to change. Last status: 24th Dezember, 2020.


Measures and recommendations for the individual areas on the mountain:

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